Semple Sessions – T.Y.D.E.S.

We’re back with yet another new session! Today, we welcome rapper T.Y.D.E.S. from the local collective Problem Children, alongside the producers that craft the Children’s sound, Nerve and B-one. Check out their music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, including their latest mixtape The Message.

This session got real. We start off discussing what it is that inspired Tydes to start rappinThe Message - Problem Children Mixtapeg (turns out it was thanks in part to listening to 50 Cent with his father on a road trip). We discuss the legacy he wants to leave behind with music and his desire to keep things simple, while still speaking to important subjects.

Later in the video, following some great freestyling from the man himself, we discuss what the city of Pittsburgh means to him from his personal experience. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Tydes’ perception of the city comes from a genuine place, viewing the city for the gritty city that it can be. “The city can build you up, but it can also tear you down”, Tydes said.

The Problem Children have big things coming for them. Be sure to check out their latest project before they blow up, so you can tell everyone you were there first. The Message, a nine-song mixtape produced entirely by Nerve and B-one, contains no features. All the words are spoken by Tydes. It covers a lot of subject matter, from lost loved ones to the city of Pittsburgh to turning up and feeling good off a “blunt and a beat”.

That’s it for today, everyone. We’ll leave you with Tydes words, “You can do anything. Just go get it.” I’ll be damned if those words aren’t the truest words spoken on these sessions.

Keep up with the Problem Children on your social media outlet of choice, either TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

Keep creating, everyone. See you Sunday.

– Shuggie

Next up: Rapper Jet from the Serene Team


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