Semple Sessions – Kid Swizzy (New Episodes – Every Wednesday and Sunday)


Greetings once again, fellow music lovers!

It’s been a month since we last saw each other, but I’m happy to report that we’re finally back with weekly Semple Sessions. Twice weekly, in fact. For the next few weeks at least. Look for a new episode every Sunday and Wednesday right here and be sure to subscribe on YouTube.

Today, we have Kid Swizzy aka Kid Swade aka Eli Waters joining us on the infamous Semple couch.

First of all, let me say that the freestyles were ON FIRE this week. In addition to fantastic off-the-dome verses from the man Swizzy himself, returning favorites Akono Miles, Augustun and Leek Lone chime in with some fire of their own.

But more about our man of the hour. Eli was a prodigious child, having recorded his first studio track at the exuberant age of six.. He writes raps, he plays several instruments, and he can freestyle like nobody’s business. Not to mention he’s pursuing a degree in filmmaking. Swizzy’s a multi-talented individual, and he shows it in the continuing evolution of his rhymes, from the structure of his syntax to the clever twists of his words.


In the past year, he’s dropped two full mixtapes, Euphoria and Man Under the Moon, and he’s also featured on Elixir, his friend and mentor, Cb3ar’s latest project. (Cb3ar was featured previously in Semple Sessions). Together, Swizzy and Cb3ar are part of a crew called Local Foreigners, many of whom joined us in the session. They all work together and challenge each other to spit better verses, like the best of rappers.



This was a classic Semple Session, one that demonstrates everything I love about our little series. The amount of talent in the room with us was awe-inspiring. The energy in the air during the freestyle session was competitive, every rapper in the vicinity trying to hold their own in a battle of wits.

One of these weeks, when I inevitably fall behind schedule, I’ll be sure to release a sample of my favorite unreleased verses from this episode.

Thanks for tuning in, by the way. No, seriously. I mean it, you guys are the best. If you’ve ever been a part of Semple Sessions or if you’re a viewer, we really appreciate having you with us. Much more coming soon. Spread the word about these artists if you dig the music. Hope to see you Sunday.

– Shuggie

Next episode: local Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Laila



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