New Music: Mic Stew with some Fire


“You scared of prison? Cubicle to Cubicle confinement what’s the difference?”- Mic Stew

Our favorite Philly kid who now lives in Dallas just dropped some absolute fire. We didnt expect anything less from Mic. On this KITES project Mic added 2 new tracks titled “Already Up (All The Way Up Freestyle)” and “Rico / 1-Train Freestyle“. My jam has quickly become Already Up and it is because of bars like this: 

“Down in Dallas living lawless, it’s fuckin awesome,
DPD put me on call lists I told ’em call me,
Motherfuckers need to find me before they fine me,
I’m doing fine and it’s funny,
Triple digits,
Shooting doubles with my mommy and my bitches,
And my day one homies,
Double fisting”

This KITES project deals with Mic’s constant fight being away from his hometown of Philadelphia and finding his voice in places like Dallas and LA. These 2 new tracks prove that Mic has a lot of things on his mind that hes not afraid to talk about. Its always refreshing to find those artists who have a voice and don’t give a fuck about causing people to think with the words they put in their songs. Mic has that ability to tell a story and at the same make you take a step back and think about the deeper meaning of what was just said.

Do what you love and love doing it. Listen to this dope ass project and vibe:


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