Sunday RnR: Van Halen

Van Halen Productions Inc

This week for Sunday RnR we’ve got a healthy does of Van Halen coming in. Today marks the 20th anniversary of when David Lee Roth replaced Sammy Hagar who replaced David Lee Roth as the vocalist 11 years before hand for the first time. I obviously wanted that to sound confusing as possible because it’s interesting and not the only time to happen. But about the music. Van Halen has always been super interesting, going from pure hard rock jams like “Ain’t Talking Bout Love” and “Eruption” to synth heavy songs like “Jump” and the spilt between the two styles seems pretty even. The band takes simultaneously takes two different approaches to achieve the same goal with no fear on how this would effect how they are perceived. So enjoy so classic jams today, you’ve earned it.



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