Lil Dicky Freestyle’s on Tim Westwood In London



Lil Dicky has established himself as someone to be taken seriously in the rap game, regardless of how seriously he takes himself. After his album premiered at number 1 last summer it seems as though people are realizing there’s more to his flow then a couple jokes, the dude has bars. Plain and simple. He was also featured on the cover of XXL magazine as a part of the “Freshman class of 2016” featuring some of the hottest new rappers on the scene including Desiigner and Anderson Paak.


How can you not look at this pic and crack up. It’s straight out of one of those “Which one doesn’t belong” as you see the smiling white dude in a bath robe holding his thumbs up as the other guys all are going hard. Hilarious. LD also dropped his newest video from his album, “Molly” and damn this will give you the feels.


Lil Dicky is here to stay






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