Sunday RnR: Motörhead – Clean Your Clock


Motörhead’s latest and final live album has been released and it features one of Lemmy Kilmister’s final performances. Lemmy unfortunately passed away in late December 2015 after being diagnosed with cancer 4 days prior. The final tour was plagued with short performances and canceled shows as Lemmy’s health was sometimes too problematic for the stage. But that didn’t matter to the legend. Unless he was physically unable to do so, Lemmy gave everything he had into his performances right up until the end. Clean Your Clock is a grand example of that, being recorded on one of the last couple nights of the tour, and thusly one of the final Motörhead performances period. Lemmy was nearly 70 years old when this was recorded, and he was still out their rocking harder than most can even in their youth. So for one last time, we are Motörhead, and we play Rock and Roll.

Rest in Peace, Lemmy.



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