Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy – Kill The Lights (Audien Remix)

Kill the Lights

One of the hottest new HBO original series has been Vinyl, which documents the whirlwind of sex, drugs, and boogying that occurred in the 1970s here in the States. In one of its recent episodes, we’re introduced to a track called Kill the Lights” which represents the birth of disco that began to flood the underground clubs in the early 70s.

It’s always fun to see contemporary artists reaching back into history to musically paint their interpretation of the sounds at that time. It’s also fun to see EDM artists reinterpret the original interpretation (interpre-ception?) while keeping their authentic feel.

This has lead me to be extremely pumped about one of my favorite EDM producers / DJs, Audien taking on the task of remixing the HBO original. Audien’s remix keeps the funky nature of the track intact and allows vocalists Jess Glynne and Alex Newell to shine through with their nifty duet.

Have a groovy Monday.

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