The Review (5/14-5/20)


The face you make when you’re trying to slyly check out the booty but it’s really not that sly because we all know where your eyes are looking. Intro joke is out of the way, now onto some new music.

One thing you “know about us” at ABAD, we give you good music

Euroz is dope. Bottom line. He dropped a project “For No Good Reason” last month and is continuing to drop new music, leading up to the release of his “BIC 2” mixtape in June. Definitely recommend checking him out if you haven’t heard him before.

T.I. drops a “dope” new single

I’ve said on this site before how much I love T.I.’s music. Well this song became an instant favorite. Arguably his best song in years. It features a hook from Marsha Ambrosius and production from the legend Dr. Dre. Beat is straight fire.

SZA drops “twoAM” and a snippet of an upcoming single

“twoAM” is a remix or response (whatever you want to call it) to PND’s “Come and See Me,” offering up a female perspective for the song’s content. As usual, SZA kills it. Really looking forward to her album, which is supposed to drop this year.

Redman teaming up with JayceeOh to form 1000volts

Redman has consistently been a top lyricist in the game so it’s always refreshing to hear what he has to offer. On the song “I’m Gone,” we hear him rapping over a beat he is not accustomed to, but crushes it nevertheless. It’ll be interesting to see what JayceeOh cooks up for Redman in the coming months.

It’s Chance’s world, we’re just living in it

This is a Joey Purp song (he’s an artist on SAVEMONEY) but Chance steals the show. This song has very Pharrell esque beat and both artists spit a smooth flow over it. But realistically, I listened for Chance and I am glad I did. Another great outing for 2016’s MVP so far.

Oh yeah! Killa Cam and Juelz Santana are reunited and it sounds so good

“Oh Yeah” is certainly no “Hey Ma” but it is great to see these two teaming up and making music together again. There was a time when The Diplomats ran the world, creating hit after hit. If this song doesn’t give you nostalgia, I don’t know what will.

Mark Battles, Futuristic, and King Los combine to murder the track

Mark Battles and King Los have been making music together for the past fews years and never disappoint. They both bring completely different vibes to the track but sound so good together. Same thing with “No Love,” and Futuristic comes in and rips it as well. Watch out for Battles’ upcoming project to drop at the end of May.

Wale drops lead single off “S.H.I.N.E.”

Wale’s lead single, “My PYT,” is definitely made for radio play. A DJ Mustard sounding beat backs Wale and Sam Sneak as they sing/rap about their pretty young thing. It’s a decent song but nothing special in my opinion. Time will tell if this one climbs the charts or flops.

Ariana Grande’s new album is here

“Dangerous Woman” is here. I have yet to take a listen but I typically like Grande’s music and am looking forward to seeing how she has evolved since her last album.

That’s about it for this week. Travis Scott dropped two songs I didn’t care for so I didn’t post them but feel free to check those out. Also, Tyga released a song about Cash Money that might be worth checking out. See you next week.

G Baby


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