Coldplay – Up & Up

Coldplay Up and Up video

Today I want to feature Up & Up, one of Coldplay’s singles off of their new album A Head Full of Dreams. 

First off I wanna note that Coldplay has been around for 2 decades (most of us have practically grown up listening to the various musical journeys they have taken us on). This being the case, it is interesting to witness their constant transformation as artists.

In the case of Up & Up, and especially its video, we see Coldplay celebrating life in all sorts of ways. The video itself is a visual masterpiece so major kudos to the video’s producer and all the editors. The record is perfectly complemented by the video and will hopefully give you that extra boost to get through the rest of the week.

I’ll hold it there because this truly is a video worth watching anD interpreting your own way… which is a beautiful thing. Enjoy.

Until next time,

– Trachstar



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