Artist Spotlight – Wylder


I was lucky enough to speak with lead vocalist and guitarist Will McCarry about his band Wylder over the past week. I first heard Wylder about a month ago on Soundcloud and immediately knew I wanted to share their music with our fans. Wylder has a unique sound that combines strong vocals with horns, mandolin and melodic strings that make you wanna dance. My favorite track of theirs is “At The End Pt.2” because it encompasses everything that I love about Indie Folk and lyrically it is on point with The Head and The Heart. Check it out here and tell us how you feel about it:

Here is a quick interview I did with Will about music and the sound that they have created:

When did you guys all start making music?

I started writing and recording my own music in my bedroom before I even knew how to play any instruments (hopefully those recordings will never see the light of day). I was about 15 at the time, and my Wylder bandmate Sam Rodgers (mandolin) and I even had an entire podcast dedicated to our many musical endeavors together. We’ve been writing and recording music together ever since then.

Who inspires you to write and create music?

Though his music is often darker than Wylder’s offerings, Ben Cooper, who performs under the moniker “Radical Face”, has been a big influence conceptually. The way all of the elements in his arrangement contribute and align with the intent behind the lyrics has influenced my own songs greatly. In addition, his diy approach is not only appealing from a creative standpoint, but also incredibly uplifting.

Biggest Musical Influences?

There is a certain cinematic edge to my songwriting that really pulls from many movie soundtracks. In particular, orchestral arrangements for films like “Beasts of the Southern Wild” have resonated with me greatly. Beyond this, I love bands like Arcade Fire and Lord Huron that do something a bit different with the indie genre.

How did the name Wylder come about?

Wylder felt like a name that was rooted in the idea of the unknown, especially with the alternate spelling. It was name that prompted imagery of the wilderness and provided the backdrop for our mix of folk and indie-rock.

Talk about project “Rain and Laura”

The writing and recording of Rain and Laura ended up being a very personal journey for me. Despite a sense of fun and humor at times, I really wanted the track list to convey a sense of questioning and longing. For me, the themes revolve around this narrative of falling back into the life of a past love. The album follows this tale thought through an entire year, spanning seasons. The question, “Was this all in my head?” comes up over and over. Through the journey, I feel that an answer is produced, as is the opportunity to move on.

Anything exciting upcoming for you guys? New Music?

Though we’re gonna take a while pushing Rain and Laura, we’ve got a huge number of songs I’m currently working on, and we’re gonna start demoing this summer. I’m so excited to share them with you all.

Listen to Wylder’s album “Rain and Laura” here:

Music is Life,




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