#TBT (Electro Style): Nova – Paris & Simo

Ya know it’s really puts into perspective how old you’ve become when you check out the release dates of tracks that you used to be into.  Hard to believe Paris & Simo’s Nova was released 4 years ago.

I wanted to post this track for a few reasons. Besides being one of my classics, I feel that it really exemplifies a style of EDM that did not enjoy as good of  run as it should have IMO. I guess I would call this track Big Room House….? (Festival House maybe..?) Big Room House in its commonly known form is more of a tribal, in your face type sound that relies less on melodic elements and more on dynamics; most notably bass (i.e Martin Garrix – Animals). Nova has many of the melodic elements I would expect of a progressive house track mixed down as a massive festival track meant to be heard by 10k+ people. Unlike it’s Big Room House counterparts in the style of Animals that had their elements rehashed in genres like Trap and Future, this style really died off for the most part.

I think that’s a shame because this is such a huge, uplifting track and it’s good because of its musical elements. Not because of any corny, played out vocal samples (EVERYBODY FUCKIN’ JUMP!!!”) or eardrum shattering bass.

The least I could do is give Nova a shoutout in this Electro Style #TBT.


-Alec Jach





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