The Review (4/30-5/6)


If looks could kill, I’d be serving 25 to life. Here’s this week’s new music:

Lions, Tigers, and Wolfie? Oh, my

“100” was the first track off Wolfie’s new EP, which you can check out for free on her soundcloud page if you’re feeling this song.

New Nipsey Hussle is smooth

Nipsey Hussle is one of the best underground rappers on the West Coast. His music exemplifies the culture and always sounds so, so good. “Ocean Views” is another great song added to Nipsey’s catalog.

Khelani returns after recent suicide attempt

Khelani just dropped this very personal song, which addresses, on the surface level at least, her battle with depression. Ultimately, the message of the song is that no one is perfect so live your life the way you want because we’re all human.

This one is for all the mama’s out there

Game released this song as a tribute to 2Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who passed away earlier this week. She was an inspiration to many, much like her son, and this song sums up the importance of all mother’s out there. It’s a beautiful song and should go down as one of the better mother tributes, along with both Kanye and 2Pac’s “Hey Mama.”

The first single off Chris Brown’s upcoming album is here and is good

“Grass Ain’t Greener” features Brown singing and rapping about his female companion. This passion filled song over the 808-driven production is Chris Brown in his element that any fan will enjoy.

50 Cent has another hit on his hands

I’m a HUGE 50 Cent fan. Back in the day, him, Em, and Game were the majority of what I listened to so I always look forward to his releases. “No Romeo No Juliet” is a dope song. 50 does his thing and Chris Brown absolutely killed his verse.

Please, please listen to this album

Rittz is so incredibly lyrical, with varying ferocious flows that always impress. I gave this album a listen and can say I will be keeping this in my rotation for the next few weeks. There are no bad tracks.

Skepta releases “Konnichiwa”

This week features a few new album releases from some guys who deserve more attention. Skepta is one of those guys. The British rapper has been gaining steam over the past year after getting co-signs from guys like Drake and Kanye. His new album should be worth the listen.

You should already have this song memorized

This song is straight up infectious. I haven’t stopped listening to it since it dropped. It legitimately make me happy. Throw this on and get dancy today, tomorrow, and so on because this song isn’t going anywhere. Justin Timberlake, thank you.

Enjoy this week’s music. Go Pens

G Baby


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