The Weekly ReVIEW(S) (4/22-4/29)


The King in his throne circa 1993-94. Some major releases this past week in the music industry. Let’s check it out.

Beyonce drops album and the world stops for a moment

Last weekend, Beyonce debuted her album music video on HBO and it went on TIDAL that night. I’ve seen many different reactions to it but overall, I think it is a very solid album. To everybody saying this is a public divorce statement, stop it. Jay Z was part of the entire album making process, helped write some songs, appeared in the video, approved the album’s content, and had the album as a TIDAL exclusive (unless you want to pay $19 for it). Music is a place for artist’s to express themselves and Bey did just that with a very powerful and emotional tone throughout. I’m still more of a fan of the earlier Beyonce, but  I’ll be enjoying some “Lemonade” for a while.

P Reign keeps it 1000

It was a slow week for singles in my opinion but there were still some good releases, like this one from OVO artist P Reign. “1000” should make it into your weekly rotation.

Havoc and Method Man rip this Alchemist instrumental

Quite simply, this song is dope. Two legends spit a verse each over a gritty beat from a legendary producer. You really shouldn’t need any more convincing. Press play.

T-Wayne and RemyBoyz deliver a jam

T-Wayne and Fetty Wap both burst onto the scene last year with songs that ran the radio. This time, they team up to create another song worthy of some radio play. The duo goes together really well, with T-Wayne and Monty dropping a verse a piece and Fetty doing what he does best on the hook. This seems like it may be an unfinished version, but it is still a pretty chill song nonetheless.

StreetRunner keeps dropping new (old) heat from Lil Wayne

StreetRunner has been mastering and releasing some old Lil Wayne tracks recorded around the time he was working on Tha Carter III. They have all been incredibly dope, which is unsurprising since Wayne was untouchable back then. “Do It Again” features a soulful instrumental that you’ve probably heard before and some good old fashioned Lil Wayne.

Calvin Harris and Rihanna join forces again for new single

Calvin Harris makes straight fire and has done so again. “This is What You Came For” has a similar vibe to his last single, but remains very unique at the same time. I can guarantee this will be making its way to clubs, bars, and playlists near you very soon.


After the wait that seemed to take forever, Drake finally released “VIEWS” this morning. It will be exclusively on Apple for the first week but will be available for streaming on other services in the near future. I’ve only listened to it once so I’m reserving some judgement but here’s what I think so far: it’s not the Drake I want, but it’s the Drake I should expect. I listened to it hoping to hear some clever bars over some dope beats and that’s not what this is. I think I will like it a lot more when I get in the right mindset. There were definitely a few songs I really liked, but overall I felt a little let down. Maybe this will grow on me, maybe it won’t, but either way Drake will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Happy graduation to all you readers making the move to the real world this weekend. Enjoy some music on the house.

G Baby


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