Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell


There are 2 Black Sabbath based anniversaries to talk about today, both of which directly relate to this amazing album. Heaven and Hell was released 36 years ago on April 25, 1980 and began a new era for the band, the era of Ronnie James Dio. Just shy of a year before, and today’s anniversary, the band fired lead singer Ozzy Osbourne on April 27, 1979. This was the height of alcohol and drug use for Ozzy, making it hard to produce new music for the band (though many of them themselves were heavy drug users and drinkers). Unable to work with Ozzy, and although they didn’t want to, the band released Ozzy in favor of falling apart all together. This lead the band to working with Rainbow powerhouse vocalist, Dio, and Heaven and Hell was the result. This album is excellent. The title track contains one of my all time favorite riffs, its so simple, yet so powerful. And that bass. Oh damn. Together with Dio’s amazing voice, one of the all time best voices of rock and roll, Heaven and Hell was a wild success in a time of uncertainty for Black Sabbath.



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