Artist Spotlight: Steve James

Steve James

If you’re not familiar, pictured above is 18-year-old Pittsburgh-area native and rising superstar producer / DJ Steve James. James, who has now spread his wings to LA in order to further pursue his music career has been on an absolute tear over the past two years, first bursting into the spotlight with his killer re-imagination of Faded by Zhu. James followed that up with some more fantastic remixes before releasing his first original single Renaissance about 4 months ago. Renaissance has since accrued almost 2 million plays on Soundcloud and has had some stellar remixes.

More recently, James took on the task of remixing Conrad Sewell’s hit single Remind Me. His re-imagination transforms the track into a mellow electronic pop tune accompanied by incredible strings. I’m talking the type of strings that could serve as wings, lifting you up, as if you’re heralds or kings. Not sure why I went all Dr. Seuss Sues on you there but just keep an ear out for those puppies when they make their appearance.

Back to Steve James. The kid is a stud and has been classically playing the piano for over a decade, so don’t think that just because he’s fairly new to the EDM scene that he hasn’t been honing his craft for a long time. And to further prove that point, James was recently asked to co-write and produce a track by a fairly well-known artist you may have heard of named Justin Bieber. That’s right, at 17 James helped create the title track Purpose off Bieber’s most recent album.

Well played good sir… well played.

So give his remix of Remind Me and other tunes a listen and be sure to follow him on his various social media accounts.

I for one and super excited about what’s to come next for James and wish him the best.

Until next time,


Find Steve James on the socialsphere:

Twitter: @stevejamesmusic

Snapchat: stevejamesmusic

Instagram: stevejamesmusic




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