Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (4/9-4/15)


I came up with the line “Draw me like one of your French girls” before Titanic came out. This is the picture that inspired that line. Now that we have that out of the way, here are some dope tunes from this past week.

Update from last week: Drake’s “Pop Style” and “One Dance” hit Spotify

I couldn’t post these last week because they weren’t up anywhere but later in the day I found them on Spotify so here they are. I wasn’t a huge fan of either but after a few listens they have both grown on me a lot.

Let’s take it to the trap with “Finesse”

Jim Jones released this huge single with features from Rich Homie Quan, A$AP Ferg, and Desiigner. I really like the back-and-forth rhyming scheme on this one. And at this point, Desiigner is just trying to be exactly like Future.

Dubb and Game team up for “Canseco”

Dubb and Game have been featured on each other’s work many times and usually produce great music. “Canseco” falls into that category and the two emcees deliver a verse each, feeding off the energy from the beat.

The remix to “Right Now” is tight

Fabolous and Jadakiss hop on the remix to Uncle Murda and Future’s “Right Now” and go in. The original is where the famous “If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gone shoot you” tagline comes from so that should be reason enough to listen, if a Fab and Jada verse wasn’t enough. Fab absolutely killed this.

Speaking of Fabolous, this Kobe tribute song is flames

Just a few hours after Kobe decided to drop 60 on the Jazz in his final game, Fab cooked up and dropped “Black Mamba” in his honor. As usual, Fab comes with the witty lines and smooth delivery, rapping 40 bars which symbolizes the fact that Kobe scored at least 40 against every team in the NBA during his 20 year career.

A little Run the Jewels to hold you over

DJ Shadow has a new album coming out in June and recruited Run the Jewels for the first song off the album “Nobody Speak.” He said he made the beat for RTJ and that if they didn’t agree to hop on it, no one would. Luckily for us, they agreed and we have this dope song as a result.

The final batch of unreleased J Dilla material is here on the new album “The Diary”

Mass Appeal Records released “The Diary” today, J Dilla’s final album. Mostly recorded in 2002, this album is something special for all fans of hip-hop. J Dilla was one of the most legendary producers in the game and wasn’t a bad rapper either. This album features all of the remaining unreleased vocal material from J Dilla before he passed away 10 years ago. So enjoy this little time hop of one of hip-hop’s greats.

“Layers” is out now!

As you know, I’ve been waiting for “Layers” to come out for a while now. It is finally here and boy was it worth the wait. This is some of Royce’s best work to date. He seems focused, rejuvenated, and his lyrics are on point throughout. Definitely worth a listen.

Alrighty folks, that should do it. Have a wonderful weekend.

G Baby



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