Lido – Crazy (Music Video)


A few weeks back I posted Lido’s incredible re-imagination of Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo,” and today I just had to spotlight this insanely awesome video for “Crazy” – the first single off his upcoming album.

Imagine a Norwegian Harry Potter tossing on a hoodie, breaking out his wand, and casting the Lumos charm to various intricacies of his electronic track.

That’s essentially what is happening here.

In an interview with Hypetrak, Lido explained where the vision for the video came from. “I write with a very ‘classical music’ mentality even though it’s in an electronic landscape and I thought this was a cool way of symbolizing that.”

So sit back, relax, (throw on some sunglasses if you’re subject to epilepsy), and enjoy this masterpiece.

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Check Lido out on the Socialsphere:

Twitter: @lido



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