Kygo- Raging ft. Kodaline

As with most of you, I don’t really buy albums anymore. That being said, as Kygo’s debut album Cloud 9 approaches its highly anticipated release date of May 13th, I am 100% positive that I’m going to purchase his album.

Not saying that you need to as well, but with tracks like his newest single Raging, I can’t help but respect his skill and diversity as an artist enough to financially support his work.

Raging starts off with an extremely lively acoustic guitar accompanied by the soothing vocals of Kodaline. Around 38 seconds things go from good to great and really start taking off.

The way Kygo has been able to change up his style with an eclectic group of vocalists while still keeping core elements of his signature sound has been truly fascinating.

And with over 113k streams on Soundcloud over the past 19 hours, I think it’s safe to say Raging is going to be a massive track and really transcend the audiences EDM can reach.

Until next time,


Support Kygo and his world domination:

Twitter: @kygomusic

Pre-order his album coming out on May 13th


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