Guest Blog Post: Naz


We got a true underdog story right here. This kid might be the worst basketball player of all time as well as that kid at the gym who cant even put up 125… but he knows his music so I let him on the site. This is my boy Naz and hes got some shit to say:


What’s up world Chewb asked me to write a post about some hip-hop artists I think everyone should know about, so I’m going throw out some names that you guys probably all know but nothing wrong with some plugs for some of my favorite musicians.


First up is the man that is just killing every track he hops on these days, Chance the Rapper.  Chance is all about free music and doing things differently from conventional hip-hop.  Thankfully, I had the opportunity to see Chance perform a couple years ago at the Altar Bar and he did not disappoint.  One thing that really stood out to me was the amount of talent Chance has, he performed some songs off Acid Rap and 10 Day, but I think the most impressive thing he did was performing a cover of Coldplay’s Fix You.   Chance is killing the game and I know he hasn’t released new music (besides that fire remix Show me Love) in a while but here are some of my favorite songs by him.

Pusha Man

Slip Slide- Social Experiment

Favorite Song (featuring Childish Gambino)

Vince Staples is a young guy in the music industry but he’s been rapping for years.  Vince has admitted multiple times in interviews that he was “trash” at rapping earlier in his career, but thankfully the Burgh’s own Mac Miller took a liking to Vince and thought he had some raw talent.  Vince started taking music more seriously and released a mixtape produced by Mac called Stolen Youth that brought him some recognition in hip-hop.  Vince does a great job of taking you through parts of his life specifically gang-banging and selling drugs through great lyricism.  This is a dude that’s going to be around for years to come.

Norf Norf

Blue Suede

Guns n Roses


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