Tom Morello and Knife Party – Battle Sirens

I’ve got something a little bit different today. While preforming at Ultra earlier this week, Knife Party had Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello join them onstage, a clip of which can be heard above. This is a really cool collaboration, and according to Morello, is just the beginnings of a new project called Atlas Underground. Morello went on to say, “Atlas Underground is not a band, it’s a plan. One part Marshall stack blowtorch heart and soul, one part Mecha-Godzilla titanium bass drop.” It is still unclear what this will actually turn into, but based on this quote it sounds to me like Morello might be working with multiple EDM artists on multiple songs for a larger collaborative album, maybe not just Knife Party. But as you can hear from this sample we got at Ultra, Morello’s heavy riff and unique tone mix flawlessly with Knife Party’s distorted grooves. Whatever it is, Atlas Underground sounds like a project to keep an eye on.

Here is a cleaner/longer version. Morello comes in around the 8 minute mark, but I’ve always enjoyed Knife Party, so check out the whole clip if you’re into it (They continue into “Bonfire” from there and its pretty dope with Morello joining them).



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