Music You Need in Your Life: 5 Tracks


This track is a remix of Hundred Waters beautiful song “Show Me Love” The original is almost untouched in this remix to keep its raw and enhancing feeling. Skrillex does an unreal job remix this track with the help of an all-star cast including Chance The Rapper. This one is all about showing your love and good vibes. The world needs more music like this and the musicians who create it.

A remix of an absolute classic. Justin Caruso puts an interesting twist to the Beach Boys vocals in this track and I kinda dig it.

This is for my deep house fans. This song bumps and should be played at a party like that shit in Project X.

7 Years has become a major hit for Lucas Graham overseas and is starting to get some radio play in the US, this remix is perfect. i encourage everyone to listen to the original version as well.

Put this one in just for fun. Song bumps hard and deserves a grammy for best turnip song.


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