2 songs I can’t stop listening to: LA Confidential & Clearest Blue

Let me keep it real with you, this song has more flow than Justin Bieber’s flow back in the day. Torey Lanez put this song out in January, and it was co-written by  Miguel. It has a rock R&B vibe with smooth vocals. I especially love the transition he does into the rap section of this song. Definitely worth a listen and you will be hooked.

Although this song has gained a ton of popularity upon its 2015 release with Chvrches’s album Every Open Eye, I feel like it gets overshadowed by Leave a Trace. There is a great buildup in this song, and the lyrics are uplifting and resonating. I tend to listen to the song while I post about them, and I just realized this song in particular and other songs by Chvrches have a super similar LCD Soundsystem sound to their music who by the way has reunited, so if you haven’t checked out their music before, you should go ahead and do so.

Enjoy these gems,



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