March Madness is back!

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and warmer. The days are lasting longer. And 64 college basketball teams begin chasing the ultimate dream: winning the national championship. I’m as happy as my boy Juwan Howard doing the cabbage patch is in the featured gif. They call it March Madness because anything can happen and by the end of the day, anything will happen. My bracket looks great right now. I really think this is my year. Check back in with me at about 5 and I’ll be the guy sulking on the couch questioning every decision I’ve made for the past week. But truthfully, I could care less about my bracket because I know I’m in for some great basketball. Easy choice for the song of the day is the appropriately named “March Madness.” This is my favorite song by Future, hands down. It makes just about every single workout playlist I make because it really gets me going. The dare I say futuristic, spacey beat is unique and just seems to run through my veins and give me life. Bump this song at ignorant levels today while you enjoy the games.

G Baby


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