Deadmau5 releases Strobe edit “eborts” on SoundCloud

Although Deadmau5 has remained active on social media (typically beefing with someone), he has been relatively quite in terms of new releases.  That is until recently when he posted this rework of his immortal classic Strobe on his SoundCloud (don’t try searching by ‘Deadmau5’ if you’ve never been on it. It is poetically titled ‘fuckmylife’).

Ahh it is so great to have him back in the producer’s seat.  This edit displays an otherworldly technical mastery of sound design possessed by him and very few others. While it is a totally new twist on the original, it’s ambient foundation invokes “the feels” in a similar fashion.

Rumor has it that this edit may serve as the 100th release on his label Mau5trap. He will be performing at A State of Trance at Ultra Music Festival leaving one to wonder what may be on the horizon for this weekend (a 20 minute edit of THIS edit w/a 10 minute intro would be UHHHmazing).

Since I’d have to sell everything I own to attend that, I’ll just dream for now and watch this video of his most recent edit played at iTunes Festival in 2012:


Cheers to you, Joel.


-Alec Jach



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