Sunday RnR: Shuffle Playlist

Today for Sunday RnR, I wanted to roll the dice and see what I would get if I put my iTunes on shuffle and put the first songs that came up into a Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, this wasn’t 100% effective because some stuff that’s on my iTunes is not on Spotify (I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift), but it might be better in some cases because a lot more Childish Gambino and Motörhead came up that wasn’t available. I didn’t change the fact that artists can come up back to back as they do here. That’s statistics, bruh. I don’t mean to get educational on your asses, this is just a playlist decided by destiny. You may think I’m phoning it in this week, but I like to think of it as finding new and creative ways to bring you some sweet music on your Sunday morning. And even if I am phoning it in, this was fun and I’ll probably do this again in the future. You can’t stop me….

I’m so sorry….



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