A Day to Remember – Paranoia

A Day to Remember released the song “Paranoia” earlier this week, but there wasn’t a great way to share it just yet and I wasn’t sure this was something people would want to hear. But now there’s a video and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about it since then, so I figured it was worth sharing. Though I don’t keep up with this band regularly and haven’t heard their entire catalog, this is my favorite song I’ve ever heard from them. The main riff and melody are great and it switches up right at the perfect moment to keep things fresh. This song feels way more pure clean hard rock than their past recordings, which are more of a hardcore/pop punk sound. With this release, A Day to Remember is stressing the fact that they aren’t really focused on a new album at the moment, just writing songs as they come to them. But if they do record an album soon, I hope it sounds a lot like this track.




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