Buzzed Beats

So I wanted to start a new series on ABAD. I wanted to blog after a couple of drinks wthout proofreading or worring about how I sound. I am going to blog about songs that Im vibing to right now and share with you dicks. So have a drink and read this blog:

Gotta start out with Johnny B. This man has quickly risen to become on of my favorite musicians. His soulful and true voice makes me feel like I’m watching Step brothers and Will Ferrell is singing that Italian opera shit. Jon Bellion is the future and I cant wait to see him live in concert again. Im gonna thrown my bra on stage for sure

Great Remix to an already great track. Disclosure knows how to get me movin. Flume and Disclosure are locking down the overseas deep house game up and no one touches them. For all you bruhs who are abroad right now reading this, youve def heard this song in a club. If not maybe go out and have fun one time

Indie City. Pinegrove is a band that will be in my ears until I die thanks to fellow “writer” Tim. Pinegrove is a Jearsey band (I think) that makes grungy emo indie music that makes life better one guitar hook at a time

Party peoples here you go. This is a sure thing party tune that will make all the frat bruhs dance in their sperrys and put another lip in.

Finishing off with some Beastie cause listening to this drunk is the best. Production is on point in this jam and it brings me back to sophomore when Teej and I would blast these guys cause we were kool as shit


Here is the first and possibly the last “Buzzed Beats” where one of us will blog drunk about music

Music is Life,




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