Kygo Performs His New Single “Fragile” with Labrinth


Kygo might be the most famous musician right now who has never released an album. His top songs on Spotify all have hundreds of millions of plays and he has come into 2016 as one of the biggest names in electronic music. HIs tropical house vibes are addicting and leave us wanting more. Now he has said that his album “Cloud Nine” is 99% finished so once that comes out expect it to be nowhere else but the top of the charts. The above perfomance shows the newest song off the upcoming album and it’s getting me all hot and bothered. This aired on a Norwegian TV station, which interests me considering the lyrics are in English. I wonder if anyone in the crowd actually knows what Labrinth is saying, or if they just start clapping once the music stops cause they don’t know what else to do.





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