Sunday RnR: Spring Break Edition

Whether you’re traveling to get away from school and party hard or are staying in the area to recharge yourself, or more likely party in town because you’re too broke to travel, it’s Spring Break yo. Sunday RnR is keepin it real with some tasty jams built for that vacation destination feel, plus some songs to get you feeling the hype as you travel to your party site, and of course some hot jams to work into your party playlist. Or you can just use this playlist. It’s a little weird because I didn’t stick to just one of those elements, so it’s a little of everything. But who cares? It’s all good music… Mostly. There’s a throwback in here I just thought would be fun to throw in. I’m not gonna say what it is. It’s a surprise. Even though you can see it on the list without scrolling. Let’s just pretend you can’t. Surprise.

Party on, rock out.


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