Sixx:A.M. – Rise

Hot off the heals of Mötley Crüe’s final tour that has finally actually ended (that tour was like a year and a half long), bassist Nikki Sixx is pushing forward with new music from Sixx:A.M., his other band. “Rise” is the first single of the band’s upcoming double album Prayers For The Damned, the first volume of which is slated to release on April 29th. “Rise” is pretty standard fare for Sixx: A.M., the song is just a great hard rock jam. Every instrument is playing something relatively similar, but the differences between them accent the other elements perfectly. The vocals have a great presence, with lyrics set to inspire a revolution. The band has said they want to push the boundaries of what is expected of them and their music with this album, giving their fans not only something they’ll enjoy, but something they never would have known they wanted. I’m excited to hear exactly what this means and how far they can go while still sounding like the same band.



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