Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (2/27-3/4)

Fun Fact: I played for the Pittsburgh Pirates while in middle school. They needed all the help they could get. Not a huge week in terms of quantity but for sure in quality. Let’s get into this week’s music…

Jeezy releases a song only for the real

I’m really feeling this one. Jeezy flows so well over this upbeat production. Add a verse from the DM God Yo Gotti and you got yourself a nice little jam to jam to.

Akon keeps putting out new music

Another week, another new track from Akon. This one is drastically different from last week’s radio friendly hit. “Ricochet” is a more emotional song about getting back up no matter how many times you get put down.

Royce Da 5’9 tells one of the best stories you’ll ever hear in a rap song

“Tabernacle” is the first single of Royce’s upcoming album “Layers” and it is a masterpiece. The story chronicles his career from the day it all really began for him. The gospel infused beat is beautiful and the story is flat out amazing. This may be Royce’s best song ever (and that is saying a lot because this man can spit with the best of them).

Keke Palmer and Jeremih prepare to take over the Top 50 charts

The lead single off of Keke Palmer’s new album is a catchy back and forth love ballad. Well, love may be a stretch but there is definitely some sexual tension in these verses. You’ll find yourself dancing to this in no time.

Tyler The Creator remixes Kanye’s “Freestyle 4”

I am admittedly not a huge Tyler The Creator fan. In fact, I really don’t listen to him very much at all but I decided to give this a listen and it isn’t terrible. I think I might like this more than Kanye’s version to be honest. Not a ringing endorsement, I know, but if you like Tyler’s music, you’ll definitely like this.

HUGE ALBUM DROP #1 of 2: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne- COLLEGROVE

We have known about this project for a little while now and it has finally arrived. I’ve yet to have a chance to listen to it but I’m expecting some fun, turn-up, entertainment rap out of this. Neither artist is my go to anymore but I still listen to most of their work and I certainly intend to listen to this collab effort.

HUGE ALBUM DROP #2 of 2: Kendrick Lamar- untitled unmastered

Kendrick decided to bless the world with a surprise release of a demo containing some unreleased leftovers from the “To Pimp A Butterfly” recording sessions. They feature a heavy jazz influence and delve into many various topics similar to the album itself. I’d like to thank LeBron James for making this happen. Kendrick gives another passionate and powerful performance on an album that isn’t even really an album.


G Baby


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