#TBT Metallica – Master of Puppets

I don’t often take over for a TBT. I gave myself a platform to share older stuff in the form of Sunday RnR, but today is a special day. 30 years ago on this day, March 3, 1986, Metallica released their third studio album, Master of Puppets. Many cite this as the quintessential Metallica album, and it is the last to feature bassist Cliff Burton before his passing.

This is a great album. Everybody knows “Master of Puppets”, and “Battery” gets its fair amount of love outside of people super invested in the band, but what about the rest? “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” is one of my favorite Metallica songs off any album, while “Disposable Heroes” and “Leper Messiah” often get overlooked but are fueled by some amazing riffs and powerful lyrics. “Orion” offers something new every time you heard it. Metallica is my favorite band. I’ve heard this and every other album back to front more times than I can count, and I still find myself enjoying a different part of “Orion” every time I hear it.

I’ll take any excuse to put Metallica on the site, but 30 years of Master of Puppets seems like a pretty great reason, regardless.



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