The Art of Creating the Perfect Party Playlist

Hello, its me. Spring Break is around the corner and happening right now for some lucky dicks. The act of Spring Breaking got me thinking about how to go about creating the perfect party playlist, and its pretty easy bruh.


Step 1: Get Slightly Stoopid

Get a little white girl wasted before diving into this adventure of a lifetime. Your tipsy self knows whats up with party music.

Step 2: Get With The Times

Staying current is key. How stupid will you look if a sorority girl walks up to you and demands the new Drake/Rihanna collab but you don’t have that track… get your head out of your ass.

Step 3: A Little Biggie a Little Calvin Harris

Have you ever been to a party where the aux owner only plays house music or only rap or strictly 80’s Joel? Its frustrating, we all need variety in life especially when we are intoxicated. Don’t be afraid to mix and match Big Sean with The Chainsmokers, that Pike Pledge will thank you.

Step 4: Back to The Future

A time will come in the night, nobody knows when, when Bruce Springsteen or Hall & Oats will randomly come on and this is often the best part of the night because everybody knows the words and no one is afraid to yell them. Make sure you have those goodies spread out over the coarse of the night.

Step 5: Have Some Fun Kid

Its all about having fun with friends and hopefully some randos. Don’t think when you click that add button… youre the man, thats all that matters.

Here our some sure thing tracks to have on  your party playlist to bring it to the next level:


Yezus is Real,




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