Sunday RnR: Royal Blood Edition

I’ve been looking for a chance to share Royal Blood on here for a while, so why not this week for Sunday RnR? Royal Blood is a just two guys making enough noise to fill out an entire band’s sound. An amazing presence on the drums and the extremely distorted and melodic bass is all this band needs to show you a good time. Their debut albumalso Royal Blood, came out in 2014 and there isn’t a bad song on it. They toured with the Foo Fighters for the better part of 2015, which is where I discovered them and imminently fell in love with them. I couldn’t believe that that sound was only coming from a bass. I looked to find a third band member hidden on stage. I stared down the headstock to see if it really only had 4 strings. Either way it didn’t matter. The music was great and I bought that album the first chance I got after that.

I also saw them 2 more times live because my Dad and I saw the Foo Fighters 4 times this summer and regret nothing about it.



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