Anthrax – For All Kings

Here’s a quick peek behind the scene of this article. It is currently 3:06 AM and I just got off of work and may or may not being destroying a frozen pizza. I have to wake up in like 3 and a half hours for another stupidly long day. But I’m also finishing up listening to Anthrax’s new album, and its great. I won’t be able to give as much of a review as I want to because if I don’t go to sleep I’ll die tomorrow and then you will get no more rock and roll and that is something I don’t want to happen to you. Also, the album isn’t on Spotify yet and most of it isn’t on YouTube, so I’ll get what I can here and if it goes up on Spotify soon, I’ll update this post with the full album. Let’s get started.

For All Kings is a solid album. I usually like to give things a listen straight through with no interruptions when a new album comes out. I wasn’t able to today, and I’m running through it again, but after my first listen, I enjoyed it a lot. This album doesn’t break away from the Anthrax that’s been around for so long, yet there is a freshness to the sound that is welcomed. The riffs are powerful, the leads are blisteringly fast, the bass is thunderous, and the drumming is on point. I took special note of the drums in “Suzerain”, they are absolutely perfect in that track. I shared the track “Breathing Lightning” a while back when it came back, and it is honestly one of my favorites on the album. “Blood Eagle Wings” was probably my favorite track from the album. The lyrics and the main riff of this song got me so hype I was almost okay with going into work. Almost. “Defend Avenge” and “This Battle Chose Us” are gonna round out my top songs on the album after my first listen.

Try as I might I can’t find any place currently streaming the album. I bought it because I needed something to write about, and I think it was worth it. But my job is to share the music, not to tell you how to spend your money. So I’ll keep looking and hope to update this post. In the meantime, I’ve put “Evil Twin” up top because it’s available because it was the first single released from For All Kings. But go listen to the previews on iTunes or something if nothing else. You get like a minute and a half of the song now. Back in my day it was 30 seconds. What a time to be alive.



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