Spaceman – Hardwell: Get Weird #tbt

I’ve been to a decent amount of EDM concerts now over the course of my 23 year old life (Wow, I’m old). I’ve also been decently athletic throughout my lifetime (at least when I was in high school before all the brewskis). And, I can honestly say that I’ve never jumped higher in my life than the time White Panda threw down this epic jam Spaceman at Firefly a few years back. I’m hoping Hardwell, who actually produced this song, can make me go just as nuts when this song plays. It’s a banger, straight up, and I will be hype. If you aren’t going to Hardwell, you can still always throw this in your #tbt playlist or keep it handy for when the party is at its peak litness <– is that a word? I don’t care. Did I mention this concert will be at Pittsburgh’s largest indoor venue – 31st Street Studios? Happy Raves – tix are still available btw.

Here’s another song that is getting me into the March Vibes specifically St. Patty’s day which is right around the corner. Enjoy friends.



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