Ninja Sex Party – Take On Me

If there’s three things I love in this world that many people don’t understand, it’s a YouTube comedy band called Ninja Sex Party, hot 80’s jams, and covers. The first track off NSP’s upcoming cover album, Under The Covers, has been released in full and features TWRP with additional instrumentals, as does every other song on the album. Even though this isn’t exactly the same as the band’s other albums, focusing on mostly dick jokes and tasty jams, I still very much enjoy what’s happening here and can’t wait for more. I do recommend checking out the band, if you’re into music based comedy. Their music videos are hilarious (this one excluded, because this is a very different album) and I’ve included them in both my 2015 wrap up and they got a spot on my Valentine’s Day playlist because they are honestly one of my favorite bands regardless of how ridiculous it has been trying to describe them just now.



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