Circle of Dust – Contagion

Circle of Dust is a 90’s industrial rock band that hasn’t really been around since about 1998. However, band leader, Klayton, uptained the rights to the Circle of Dust catalog and is plaining to re-releases everything the band has done in preparation for new music likely coming in December. “Contagion” is the first to be heard from this new music. It’s pretty heavy, with a strange robotic vocal part that gets me into the song pretty quickly. The song is just an interesting experience through out. The main riff is killer and the rhythm behind it is strange and cool, with a breakdown that has a much different feel, but still doesn’t break anyway from the feel of the song. It’s weird and I think that’s what’s great about it. I can’t place my finger exactly on what’s going on here, and I think that is sometimes the coolest thing about a piece of music.



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