Love Yourself (Vanic Remix)- Justin Bieber

I think we can all agree that the Biebs has made a quite the turnaround over the past 6 months, both personally and musically. I will admit that I’ve been converted to a Belieber and thoroughly enjoyed his new album “Purpose.” One of his greatest musical accomplishments on the album is his track “Love Yourself,” which fun fact was cowritten by none other than Ginger Genius Ed Sheeran (capitalizations on the Gs just felt right). Any-who, you’ve heard the original probably more times you’ve left your debit card at the bar, so here’s a little changeup for ya courtesy of Vanic.

The really dope thing about this remix is that Vanic keeps a lot of the original vibe and structure intact throughout, but then blows the doors off your Toyota Yaris  with some uplifting heaven trappy cords (no offense to those who actually own a Yaris… I’m sure it’s a hell of a machine).

P.S. I played this at Peter’s Pub last night and it really got the people going. 




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