#TBT Yeah!- Usher (ft Lil Jon, Ludacris)

Peace up, A town down. This Thursday we are taking it back to the wonder years. You and all your best friends at the eighth grade dance awkwardly packed on the dance floor. Girls to one side, guys on the other. You’re having fun, but you haven’t quite worked up the nerve to go grab little Stacy and show her the time of her life. Then it finally happens. Usher’s “Yeah!” comes on and the whole place loses it. The two previously segregated groups have integrated in the blink of an eye. Everybody is dancing with everybody. No one knows what they’re doing, or what the hell the lyrics they are screaming actually mean, but they do know that a timeless banger just came on and that requires some limb movement and hip thrusting, no matter how uncoordinated. You approach Stacy and start wildly gesticulated that it’s about to go down. You two love birds dance your damn heart out and no one stops you until the bell tolls. And that’s the story of how the 8th grade dance became the most lit night of your life.

The year is now 2016; you’ve moved on from that whore Stacy and are uncontrollably single. Luckily, you haven’t forgot what you learned that night. You know how to have a good, neigh, great time. You can be the life of the party. Just throw on “Yeah!” -excerpt from “How Usher Saved My Life” In stores today. Story by:

G Baby


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