With You (Jai Wolf Remix)- Dirty South

It’s the hump time of hump day people.. meaning we need some uplifting vibes to propel us through the rest of the week. This week I wanted to share a song that has recently helped me through some travel related trials and tribulations, however if you have an exam coming up, big interview, or you’re feeling low after another Valentinesless Valentine’s day, I encourage you to jam out to this track and watch your problems dissipate.

The original version of “With You” by Dirty South drips with drama (as can be seen in its music video) and has very hopeful undertones. Rising electronic music superstar Jai Wolf plays off of these undertones and starts off his remix with a contagious sliced up vocal melody bursting with colorful sounds (you’ll know what I mean) that appears throughout the song. He then dives into the main verse bringing out more of the uplifting undertones from the original while creating the right amount of tension for a massive and emotional progressive house drop.

My only advice for listening to this track is to be aware of your surroundings once you get to 4:07, because you’re going to be winding up for a musical eruption, belting out the chorus with all you’ve got.




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