Kendrick Lamar – The Grammys

The thing that I love about Kendrick Lamar is that he gets attention and fans through his live, empowering music performances. Go ahead and click the link above to listen for yourself. The video includes The Blacker the Berry, Alright,  another knew unknown song, and I’m taking this time to let you know (as if you didn’t already) that Kendrick is a lyrical genius. In my opinion, he’s the hottest in the game right now.

Don’t get me wrong – The Life of Pablo  that Kanye just released is a pretty solid album thus far and will probably only grow on me as time continues. But what gets me annoyed lately is all of Kanye’s drama whether it comes to twitter, waiting forever to release his album, or just Kanye being the narcissist he is.

Kendrick’s lyrics, to me, also speak volume about how much he cares about societal issues, especially ones involving the black community. And although Kanye has definitely had some meaningful songs, he definitely likes to talk about more surface level topics compared to Kendrick…aka himself, the clothes he wears (fashion matters but still), and how he has made so many great. Through all that, I still enjoy Kanye’s music, but he should take a lesson from Kendrick Lamar himself and let the music do the talking. That, my friends, is why I’ll always be a bigger Kendrick fan than Kanye fan

Don’t agree with me? I totally respect that…feel free to tweet @Abeataaday365 to let me know why – we all know Kanye would





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