Tennyson – All Yours

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I give you All Yours by Tennyson.

Ambience and Tennyson’s unique, quirky style cozy together in this funky tune that comes in just in time for the day of love (It’s also fitting that it is FRICKIN’ FREEZING outside and these guys are from Canada). Wrapped in glitchy goodness and sprinkled with samples galore (FACT: there is a sample of a baby sneezing in this track and it STILL sounds good), this is definitely one to check out this weekend.

I also find it really cool that Tennyson is a guy/girl duo which you don’t see all too often in Electronic music.

In another track, “Slipperz” they sample “Cater to You” by Beyonce. “I got your slipperz” is repeated, which is most likely “dessert” (what it says in the original version) reversed. Gotta love when humor is incorporated into a track, that’s what I call creativity.

Cozy up and enjoy the tunes.

-Alec Jach


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