Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (2/6-2/12)

This week, I’m going ham (get it)?

Beyonce releases “Formation,” I don’t think it is good at all

This is for all you Beyonce fans that think anything she does is great. I love me some Bey, but this is straight up trash. I liked when her music meant something. But that’s just me. Do what makes you happy.

Jeezy and Under Armour team up for Cam Newton’s anthem “Hit Um”

Any Jeezy fan can appreciate this banger to add to your workout playlist.

Like slow jams? Listen to “Stars and Lights”

Rockie Fresh and BJ The Chicago Kid team up for a smooth track that’ll make you wanna make love immediately. I’m in a hotel lobby writing this and I’ve already humped four legs.

BJ The Chicago Kid strikes again (with an assist from Kendrick)


This song is awesome. It delves into love and if we are even searching for it anymore or do we just want to post up in the club, drink, and pick up a different chick every night. BJ’s voice is beautiful as always, Kendrick delivers another fantastic verse, and the beat is soothing af.

T-Pain drops a new Valentine’s Day anthem!

T-Pain being featured on this list two weeks in a row is a God send. This week, he put out a new love song just in time for V-Day. It is quite beautiful, with a positive vibe and soulful vocals to create what should be an instant love song classic.

Kanye West to (finally) release TLOP

Kanye is currently mastering the album and it is expected to drop anytime now. He released a new track called “30 Days” today, which can be viewed in the previous post. After listening to the live stream of the album, I think fans are in for a treat. Is it one of the best albums of all time like he said? No, at least not after one listen, but it will certainly be better than Yeezus.

Wake Flocka and French Montana because why not?

Here’s a new trap banger for you, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bars for days: Check out “STATIK KXNG”

KXNG Crooked, formally known as Crooked I, is one of the best lyricists you’ll ever hear. He always bring top level wordplay and you combine that with some production from the legendary DJ/producer Statik Selektah, you got yourself a dope album. This is not bubble gum rap so if you can’t handle the heat, stay out the kitchen!

G Baby


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