Countdown to T.L.O.P.: Day 7 – Yeezus

Tomorrow, we get blessed with new YE. I honestly could not be more excited, I’m going to Kentucky this weekend and this is all I plan on bumpin’ the entire drive over. This also means that it brings us to the last day of the week countdown, featuring Kanye’s last album, Yeezus.

Yeezus was released on June 18th, 2013. I remember the day after was my high school graduation, and after school let out early, my friend and I went to Best Buy and I figured I mine as well buy a physical copy of the album. I’m gonna be honest, it took a little bit for this album to grow on me, but after a few listens I think it is still a great piece of work from Ye. This album includes a buncha features as well, such as Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, and Chief Keef. Unlike his other albums, this one is much more dark, with elements of punk, acid-house and electro music. I totally regret not going to see him during his Yeezus Tour, my friends saw him at Penn State and said it was absolutely amazing.

Have a listen of the full album below, and take a look at my top 5 on the album. Thanks for tuning in to my weekly countdown and I’ll hit y’all with that T.O.L.P. review sometime next week.

5. Send It Up

4. I’m In It

3. Black Skinhead

2. New Slaves

1. Blood on the Leaves





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