Christmas Came Early With the Announcement of a Star Wars Electronic Album

So recently on Beats 1 radio it was announced that there will be a full length compilation album dedicated to Electronic Music with a dash of Star Wars sound clips and effects. The album is called Headspace and will include tracks from the likes of Kaskade, GTA, Flying Lotus, and many more.

Apparently the artists were given sound archives of the movies and told to do basically whatever they wanted with them… which if you’re a huge Star Wars nerd like me is simply amazing. Imagine all the blaster fire, Wookiee roars, and Vader heavy breathing possibilities (sighs and picks up R2 mug to sip some tea).. Anyways, check the full Headspace track list below and let us know what you think of the names and artists.


1. C-3P0’s Plight- Kaskade

2. Help Me!- GTA

3. Force- TroyBoi 

4. Cantina Boys- Baauer

5. Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work (feat. A-Trak)- Shag Kava

6. R2 Knows (feat. Barry Drift)- Claude VonStroke

7. NR-G7- Rick Rubin  

8. Ghomrassen- Bonobo

9. Bounty Hunters- Röyksopp

10. Sunset Over Manaan- ATTLAS

11. R2 Where R U?- Flying Lotus

12. Druid Caravan of Smoke- Shlohmo

13. EWOK PUMPP- Rustie

14. Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder- Galantis

15. Star Tripper- Breakbot



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