Countdown to Waves: Day 3/4 – Graduation/808s & Heartbreak

With day drinking in the afternoon and seeing Carnage last night, I didn’t get the chance to give you guys day 3 of the countdown to new Yeezy. Here’s a double blog featuring  Graduation, and arguably Kanye’s most scrutinized album, 808s & Heartbreak.

Graduation was released on September 11th, 2007. Like his previous two albums, this one included many featured artists, like Lil’ Wayne, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Mos Def, T-Pain and more. On this album, Kanye’s approach was to create songs that would bode well when he performed in big arenas and venues. He took inspiration from big-stage-bands like U2 and revolutionized a more electronic-rap feel.

808s & Heartbreak released on November 24th, 2008. The album focuses on Kanye’s personal issues and struggles at that present time. In November 2007, Kanye’s mother Donda West died to complications from cosmetic jersey. Shortly thereafter, he and his fiance of the time broke up after dating since 2002. 808s is so different from all of Ye’s other work because he had feelings not even rap could express, but could only be expressed through a higher pitch with auto-tune. Despite many people hating on Kanye’s usage of auto-tune, the album still debuted at number one, and is still a great album from the legend himself. Here’s a top 5 from Graduation and 808s, and catch the albums in full as well.


5. Good Life

4. Homecoming

3. Flashing Lights

2. Stronger

1. The Glory


808s & Heartbreak

5. Robocop

4. Love Lockdown

3. Heartless

2. Paranoid

1. Welcome to Heartbreak






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