Weekly Hip-Hop/R&B Review (1/30-2/5)

Big week in hip-hop but first, let me address what’s on everyone’s mind. My watch game was superior back in the day. Alright, let’s get after it…

Drake drops new heat, Meek Mill responds immediately

Not gunna say much here cuz we all know Drake did it again. He dropped another diss track that doubles as a banger. More interestingly, Meek Mill responded only minutes later, dropping part 2 of his 4/4 mixtape series, which included a response (called “War Pain”) to Summer Sixteen.

T-Pain is back for the autotune crown

T-Pain made autotune cool. Unfortunately, he inspired too many people to use it and now all these wack rappers think they’re cool. But T-Pain is still around to remind you how to kill a song using autotune.

Tinashe drops “Ride of Your Life”

Ever wonder what Tinashe would sound like on a Metro Boomin produced beat? Here you go.

Nas Remix’s Future’s “March Madness” and it’s great


I have a huge love/hate relationship with Future. I don’t understand why he’s so popular because he’s terrible but at the same time he does make music that puts me in some type of mood (and I like that). March Madness is one of my favorites and having Nas spit over the instrumental is a dream come true…not really but the song is good.

This song should be called Derek Jeter because it’s a guaranteed hit

Zendaya and Chris Brown combine to make an absolute jam. But even better than that, listen to the beat. Do you hear that?! A TLC “Creep” sample?!!! Hell yes. Somewhere, Captain Gene is smiling.

Dreamville artist Bas drops “Methylone;” “Too High To Riot” comes out in March

This song is downright awesome. Bas is probably my favorite artist on Dreamville outside of J Cole and has yet to disappoint me. If you’re not on board yet, listen to some of his music NOW!

Friday, Feb 5th aka the day a bunch of artists put out new music

Today, a few big name artists decided to flood the markets with new albums and mixtapes. While I’ll admit to only caring about one artist, it’s still worth notifying the people. We got: Wiz Khalifia- “Khalifa” (Spotify, iTunes). Young Thug- “I’m Up” (Soundcloud, iTunes). Future- “EVOL” (DJ Khaled’s Beats1 Radio Show, iTunes, Spotify). And the man you NEED to check out if you aren’t familiar with: Dizzy Wright- “Wisdom and Good Vibes”


Alright that’s about it for this week. There’s a little something something for everyone. Enjoy.

G Baby


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