The Chainsmokers- Don’t Let Me Down (Feat. Daya)


Brand new Chainsmokers is the perfect start to my weekend. This time around they’re teaming with the the 17 year old phenom Daya, who just happens to be from Pittsburgh (Mt. Lebanon specifically.) Pretty cool to see local talent blowing up as much as Daya has in the past year. Everyone knows her song “Hideaway” but I think there’s much more to come from Daya in 2016. Time will tell. In terms of The Chainsmokers, I don’t think this is their best song but I’m not gonna not post one of their new songs. After one listen I give it a 6.5/10, but we all know one listen doesn’t mean anything. We’ll see how much this song grows on me. Enjoy your weekend and this new song from the best EDM duo ever with a song named after a flower.




UPDATE: I’ve listened to this song about 10 times and I retract my previous statement…this song is a jam


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