#TBT Can’t Deny It- Fabolous (ft Nate Dogg)


Today I’m bringing it back to 2001, the year Fabolous dropped his debut album. In my mind, Fab is one of the most underrated rappers of all time. He has consistently put out great music, via albums and free mixtapes, for 15 years, his delivery is always hella smooth, and his wordplay is some of the wittiest in the game. If you’ve been sleeping on my man Fab, WAKE UP! Go check out any of his “There is No Competition” or “Soul Tape” mixtapes and see what you’ve been missing.

The song in question today is one of Fab’s first hits, “Can’t Deny It,” featuring the legendary Nate Dogg. Fab delivers that aforementioned smooth flow over this beat that rides so well and Nate Dogg owns the hook like only he can do. Damn, I miss Nate Dogg. Luckily, the world still has Fab to put out more great music. He just released “Summertime Shootout” in November and plans on releasing more music this year so be on the look out.

Here’s a bonus song because why not?

G Baby


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